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If you are thinking of applying for citizenship or naturalization, then you have already traveled a good part of the way and you know the complications that immigration procedures can bring. Especially when it comes to applying for citizenship, the great last step of the immigrant. Therefore, you must make sure that you do not walk it alone. Hire a naturalization and citizenship attorney so you don’t make any mistakes in your applications that can cost you your future in the US.

How to become a US citizen

It’s possible to become a US citizen through the process of naturalization. The US citizenship requirements are hard to reach. Only a few immigrants are considered eligible for citizenship: those who either have been green card holders for 3–5 years or maybe meet various military service requirements. An immigrant interested in this status will also have to pass a background and security check, a USCIS interview, and fulfill a deep examination.

There is also a citizenship exam that will take into account your knowledge of the history, values, politics of the country, and your level of English. All the documentation requested by USCIS must be correctly compiled, completed, and delivered to the agency. This process is arduous, long, and complex, you’ll need a specialized citizenship lawyer in Texas to help you go through it successfully.

Naturalization Form N-600: What is it?

Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship, is a fundamental document you need to fill out and send to the USCIS. There, you’ll be getting a Certificate of Citizenship as proof of your citizenship. This form is necessary for those who were born outside of the US and have a US citizen parent or parents, or need evidence of citizenship if they automatically became a US citizen by operation of law after birth but before their 18th birthday.

Removal of Conditions and Naturalization Lawyer

If a conditional permanent resident wants to remove the conditions that gave them that status and apply for citizenship, they’ll need to fill out and sign a document called Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.

But be aware, this is not an easy document to file. It has a tricky fine line, and it can be considered a bit long. In any case, despite the arduousness of the work, it is important to do it correctly. Well, the acceptance or rejection of the form depends on it. For this reason, consulting a Removal of Conditions and Naturalization Lawyer such as Akpassa Law Firm is advisable to help you accomplish it.

Citizenship vs Residency: Which one should I apply for?

Being a citizen is a permanent status that grants rights, privileges, and protections. While residence is a permit that allows you to be in the country under certain conditions. Residency can be permanent or temporary.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a citizen can vote and they are not subject to the danger of deportation or the expiration of their visas. Citizenship provides priceless peace of mind, and that could be your case.

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