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Being separated from your family is not easy, even more so when there is an immensity of immigration laws separating you. It requires patience, money, time, commitment, perseverance, and of course, a family-based immigration lawyer in Texas specializing in these cases.

What is family-based immigration?

When someone wants to enter the U.S., they must apply for an immigrant visa. In the event that they have family in the country who is older than 21 years old and has a permanent resident status or citizenship, it is possible to carry out the immigration procedures if this person can petition for them. In order to be eligible for a family-based visa, you have to be an immediate family member or within the family preference category of a sponsor.

Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

To migrate through a relative, the petitioner must first fill out the so-called I-130 Form, Petition for Alien Relative. Once it is approved by USCIS and a visa number is available for the relative, then the family member will be able to apply for the green card. Then, residency can be granted through both the consular process and the adjustment of status process.

Family and Immigration Lawyer

As simple as it seems in the instructions, family immigration can take years to be approved, even decades. To carry out the process properly, make sure you go to the best family immigration lawyer in Texas on the market. At Akpassa Law we offer family-based immigration services, along with fiance(e) visas, spousal visas, and international adoptions.

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