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Our immigration services for the community

Akpassa Law is an immigration lawyer in Longview TX, who offer legal representation to immigrants, regardless of their immigration status or the complexity of their case. Our goal as a buffet is to help other immigrants like us overcome immigration barriers and fulfill their American Dream.

To this end, we have in our repertoire a series of immigration services in which we specialize and improve day by day. Our office is set in Longview TX 75604, but we represent immigrants from all over the country.

Our repertoire of immigration services in Texas

If you have been through domestic violence and want to escape, fix your status with VAWA and get your independence.
Being separated from your family is not easy, go to an immigration lawyer and get together with them.
Obtain an employment visa and share your skills and talents with the United States.
Get to the last step of your immigration journey, contact an immigration lawyer in Texas.
There is a way out for immigrants deemed inadmissible to the United States.

For victims of a crime that has left physical or psychological consequences, there is a non-immigrant green card called U Visa.

A legal protection for victims of labor or sex trafficking.

Live and work legally in the country as a young migrant without immigration status.

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