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Legal benefits for victims of serious crimes with the U Visa

Intended for those victims of a crime who have suffered physical or psychological consequences, the U Visa seeks to provide them with legal protection. 

It is very common that these victims do not feel safe going to the authorities to report what happened to them, for fear of deportation or legal consequences. For this reason, the government implemented this non-immigrant U Visa in 2000, which goal is to offer security and legal stability to people afraid to speak.

However, this status is not easy to obtain, especially with all the suffering that brings people to remember what happened and prove it. Therefore, you should go to a specialized lawyer.

Who can qualify for a U Visa?

The requirements to be eligible for a U Visa are the following:


  • Being or having been a victim of criminal activities qualified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Being a victim of a crime involved suffering significant physical or mental abuse.
  • Being able to provide information about the criminal activity of which you were a victim. There are exceptions if the victim is under the age of 16 where a close third party can report the crime on her or his behalf.
  • Can assist law enforcement in the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime, proven through a Law Enforcement Certification.
  • The crime occurred in the United States or violated US law.
  • The victim is admissible to the United States. If it is not inadmissible, it is imperative to speak with a U Visa attorney about the next steps.

Is it advisable to go to a U Visa lawyer?

By itself the situation is complicated. There are crimes involved, victims affected, and a lot of paperwork to fill out. Therefore, hiring a U Visa attorney can make a difference in the course of your immigration application. 

The U Visa process is not easy, make sure you do it right with the best legal assistance possible.

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