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VAWA visa for victims of domestic violence is a fundamental resource for those who are going through this complicated situation and need an immigration exit to obtain independence. Get your VAWA immigration status and improve your life!

What is VAWA?

VAWA is the acronym for the Violence Against Women Act, a law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1994. A VAWA visa opens the doors for victims of domestic violence to emancipate themselves from their abuser and obtain legal status on their own. This allows total independence when processing immigration documents, in addition to not informing the aggressor about the movements of the victim.

Any husband/wife or child of a permanent resident (LPR) or United States citizen who was a domestic violence victim, can start the self-petitioning process with a specialized lawyer and thus flee from their abuser. This is what sets VAWA apart from any other immigration process. While in regular situations the migratory processes would be done through this citizen or legal resident relative, when you are a victim of him o her, you can file for yourself.

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VAWA Requirements

Although the VAWA self-petition process is similar to any other type of family immigration application, it does have some additional requirements and steps. In principle, you must be able to show your relationship with your abuser. Next, you must be able to show that you have “good moral character” and that you have suffered battery or extreme cruelty from your citizen or permanent resident husband or wife, child or parent.

Because the VAWA process is so long and complex, and because the situation itself is very delicate, it is highly recommended to go to a VAWA lawyer specialized in these cases.

What happens after VAWA is approved

VAWA is a great tool for people who are victims of domestic violence without immigration status. Once you have gone through the entire process along with a VAWA lawyer, you will be able to get not only permanent residence, but also a work permit, and some other public benefits.

The self-petitioning process through VAWA has a lot of fine print. Just presenting all the evidence is complicated. That is why you should not do it alone, contact Akpassa Law and improve your legal status and your personal life.

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