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If you entered the country illegally, perhaps overstayed your visa, or have committed multiple violations of US law, you will be considered inadmissible under immigration law. In this case, to fix your status, you could perhaps leave the country and apply for an inadmissibility waiver before applying to enter the country again and live in the United States legally.

Before thinking of applying for an inadmissibility waiver…

The type of waiver to which you must apply will depend on the situation in which you find yourself and the circumstances of inadmissibility. Let’s make something clear: the waiver does not in any way eliminate the circumstances for which you were found inadmissible in the United States but only establishes the non-application of a general rule or exception for a specific immigration case.

Waivers are discretionary, which means that USCIS has the power to decide whether or not it finds your waiver request compelling. To submit the best possible application and be considered for a waiver by the agency, it is essential to hire an immigration attorney to assist you with your documentation.

In waiver applications, it all depends on where you are standing, and your specific immigration status. That is why it is not enough to search for information through the internet, you should hire an immigration lawyer to examine your particular case in depth and find the best way to succeed in your request. At Akpassa Law Firm we are an immigration waiver lawyer with years of experience, we’ll make sure to guide you through the process in the best possible way.

How to get an Inadmissibility Waiver in Texas

Each type of waiver applies to a different type of inadmissibility case and has a different process to apply for it. Using our legal services at Akpassa Law you can find out which one suits you, and how to apply for it. We work mostly with waivers of grounds of inadmissibility, waivers of unlawful presence, and other types of waivers. 

Almost every kind of waiver is governed by the so-called 212 waiver of ineligibility. It is the application to re-enter the country after deportation. Not everyone must apply through this documentation, and the conditions and requirements to deliver it are complex. Do not do it without the help of an immigration attorney specializing in waivers.

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