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Before you hire an attorney to handle your immigration case, it’s essential to ensure that they are the best option for you. Here are some opinions from our clients so you can assess whether the results achieved by Akpassa Law Firm align with your needs.

First-class attention, the truth is that I loved the attention of the lawyer and her staff and I am happy to have achieved what I have been waiting for for 27 years. In fact, when someone asks me if I know an Immigration lawyer, I always tell them if I know the best and I’m sending them to you. I’m very happy, thank you very much, lawyer!!!
Ivett Rocha

Louisa was an angel sent from heaven…if you are looking for an immigration attorney, you have found the best in East Texas. She will do everything she can to fight for you. If I said all the good things I had to say about Louisa, there wouldn’t be enough room to write. Hire her, trust her. Thank you Luisa from the bottom of my heart

G Williams

From the beginning, my experience with this Law Firm was fantastic. Louisa was really friendly. Her staff was warm and she encouraged me to send me information. I highly recommend this law firm to handle any of your immigration needs.

Pauline Hunter

I recommend anyone to trust Louisa. There are no words to describe how grateful I feel. Professional and passionate human being.

Diana Reynaga

This lawyer is very professional, intelligent and knowledgeable. She took the time to do a detailed investigation of our case and did not charge us any more for it. The lawyer and Bianca kept us informed about everything and were always very responsive. They made our immigration process stress free and I am truly grateful that I chose this law firm. I chose Louisa to help me after meeting other attorneys and I feel very blessed to have made the right decision and been approved. Thanks for all the hard work.

Cynthia Williams

Akpassa Law Firm is a premier law firm in Texas. Ms. Akpassa is an experienced attorney who has expert knowledge of waivers and family-based immigration cases. As an immigrant, she not only understands the laws surrounding immigration but she also has firsthand experience in the immigration system. This is invaluable! I continually rely on her experience and highly recommend her law firm.

Elektra Yao

I have never met Louisa. I live in NY and she lives in Texas. When I was in desperate need of an attorney for my husband’s waiver case I was introduced to many lawyers in NY and outside NY but I didn’t feel peace with anyone of them. I prayed about it and kept on searching until my husband’s friend introduced us to Louisa. The first day I spoke to her I had this peace that everything was going to be alright. We were successful and our waiver was approved. She is very professional and don’t worry about the fee she will make it easy for you to make payment plans. I strongly recommend her and her team if you want a peaceful process of your immigration issues. Thanks Louisa, thanks Akpassa law firm.

Eni Onome

After my first lawyer left me high and dry, I got a Notice of Intent to Deny letter from USCIS which I was confused about. I set out to find a lawyer who could explain it more to me and possibly help me further. I went on Google and typed best immigration lawyer and Akpassa Law firm was one of the result. I read the reviews and decided to give them a call for a consultation, and that where our journey began, even with the complexity of my case the firm still took my case and from that day until todays date they worked with me to get my VAWA case approved and it did. These ladies worked with me day and night, they explain what was needed why it was needed and I was not confused with any of the process. I thank God I decided to use this law firm to represent me and I would recommend them to anyone needing a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer. I can’t thank them enough for the joy and ease they have given me.

Kacian Wint

We will handle your immigration case with commitment and dedication. 

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