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If you entered the country illegally, overstayed your visa, or committed multiple violations of U.S. law, you may be considered inadmissible under immigration law. In such a case, to rectify your status, you may need to leave the country and apply for an inadmissibility waiver before seeking reentry and legal residence in the United States.

Before considering the application for an inadmissibility waiver…

The type of waiver you must apply for depends on your specific situation and the circumstances of inadmissibility. It’s important to clarify that the waiver does not eliminate the circumstances that led to your inadmissibility in the United States. Instead, it establishes a specific exception or non-application of a general rule for your immigration case.

Waivers are discretionary, meaning that USCIS has the authority to determine whether your waiver request is compelling or not. To submit the strongest possible application and increase your chances of receiving a waiver from the agency, it is essential to hire an immigration attorney to assist you with your documentation.

In waiver applications, everything depends on your current standing and specific immigration status. That’s why simply searching for information on the internet is not sufficient. You should hire an immigration lawyer to thoroughly examine your unique case and determine the best approach to ensure your request’s success. At Akpassa Law Firm, we have experienced immigration waiver lawyers with years of expertise. We’ll ensure that you navigate the process in the most effective way.

How to Obtain an Inadmissibility Waiver in Texas

Each type of waiver is designed to address specific inadmissibility cases and follows a distinct application process. When you use our legal services at Akpassa Law Firm, we can help you determine which waiver is suitable for your situation and guide you through the application process. We primarily handle waivers for grounds of inadmissibility, unlawful presence waivers, and other related types of waivers.

Almost every kind of waiver is governed by what is known as 212 waiver of ineligibility. This waiver is used to apply for re-entry into the country after deportation. Not everyone is required to apply through this documentation, and the conditions and requirements for its submission can be complex. It is strongly advised not to attempt this process without the assistance of an immigration attorney who specializes in waivers.

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